06 Nov

Green Economy Policy Seminar with Paul Ekins

Following James Greyson’s talk that emphasized the need for systemic change in the way our economy functions, GES was pleased to welcome Professor Paul Ekins to our first seminar to discuss the prospect of a green economy.

Paul Ekins is Professor of Resources and Environmental Policy at UCL and has made, and is making, extraordinary contributions to the research field of sustainable development throughout his impressive career. As well as teaching at UCL on the Masters in the Economics and Policy of Energy and the Environment, Paul is the Director of the UCL Institute for Sustainable Resources, the Deputy Director of the UK Energy Research Centre, the UKERC Co-Director leading its Energy Resources theme, a member of UNEP’s International Resource Panel, a Senior Consultant to Cambridge Econometrics, a Fellow of the Energy Institute and much more.
Additionally, Paul is the chair of UCL’s Green Economy Policy Commission, which brings together different academics in fields such as economics, political science, and resource efficiency, to consider how the UK can implement policies that will support a green economy.

From the feasibility of a worldwide green economy to concerns of intellectual property, Paul addressed questions from the audience made up of a range of different academic disciplines. One of the key elements Paul emphasized is the necessity for the market to address environmental concerns as well as social materials in the economy.
The event was a success, and we thank Professor Paul Ekins for his time and insights. We look forward to hosting similar events in the future.