14 Dec

Hot Topic: Can Nuclear Energy Be Part of a Sustainable Future?

For our latest event we had the absolute pleasure to host our first ever ‘Hot Topic’ event series, and boy did it go off with a bang! We had Professor Wade Allison (Pro-Nuclear supporter – Emiritus Professor of Physics at Oxford University) and Neil Crumpton (an independent avid campaigner for renewable energy, and against the new build of nuclear power plants). With 15 minutes each, both sides were raring to go, informing the audience of a wide range of scenarios and reasons for and against nuclear energy.

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10 Dec

Inside sustainable branding – A talk by Natasha Perkins from Futerra

Good ideas do not sell themselves. With this statement Natasha Perkins began her talk on sustainable branding. Natasha is a Brand Planner at Futerra, a company that helps businesses such as LEGO, Danone and L’Oreal to unlock the value of sustainability. Her main job is to make sustainability attractive, through questions such as: What does the world you want look like?

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