Our Vision

We want to inspire and enable students to become part of the future green economy. We will aim to achieve this through acting as a platform for varied opinions across disciplines and different segments of society ranging from government, to corporate, to community, to the individual. In doing so, we can inspire students to form their own vision of a green economy and imagine their own place within it. Through our efforts, students will then feel enabled to take action towards actively shaping a sustainable future.

We will achieve this by:

  • creating and facilitating multidisciplinary dialogue and debate across different segments of society;
  • educating the student body;
  • shedding light on the complexities and different voices within the existing discourse, whilst motivating new discourses and collaborations between stakeholders;
  • inspiring behavioural change through direct action and creating awareness for sustainable practices;
  • promoting and inspiring value change as an essential part of the transition towards a green economy;
  • inspiring sustainable innovation and creativity;
  • raising awareness for and promoting green career opportunities;
  • widening our reach to include the public.

Our main activities include:

  • Talks, panel discussions and practical sustainability-themed events;
  • An annual conference;
  • Green careers events
  • Media outreach: Blogging, GES podcast, YouTube channel;
  • UCL Sustainability Challenge – designed to create real solutions to pressing sustainability issues at UCL;
  • Awareness campaigns on UCL campus;
  • Green Economy related social activities, such as visits to environmental/sustainability exhibitions, film screenings or volunteering;
  • Sustainability inductions, in cooperation with the UCL Sustainability Team, which introduce new students to the main sustainability challenges on a global and university level.